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Special Fees

If a resident lives within the city limits of Princeton, they are required to buy a $7.50 city sticker. It is a stamp on the registration that is stamped in the office. If renewing by mail, customer needs to include this extra fee. If renewing on line, fee will need to be paid to the clerks office, and registration provided to affix stamp. There is a $2.00 postage fee applied registrations and paperwork mailed out from office, $4.00 for plates mailed out.



  • In order to transfer a motor vehicle the title is required. Kentucky is not a title holding state, therefore the customer should have title in possession, or be able to request a duplicate title from the Clerk’s office. Duplicates usually take 3 to 5 days to be printed and mailed out by the state.
  • A title may not be transferred with an active lien on it.
  • If coming to Kentucky from out of state, customers will need to provide the Clerk’s office with the lien holder name, address and any other contact information they possess. Lienholder’s will release your title to the Clerk’s office with the assurance we will re-file the lien on your Kentucky title. In many cases, they will forward the title to the Clerk’s office, not the individual.
  • Kentucky titles require notarization of the seller and buyers signatures. To notarize your signature an I.D is required.
  • Some states do not require notarization of signatures on a title. We can transfer the title with only a signature, if that be the case. However, the customer will want to obtain a Kentucky VTR (TC-96-182) in order to have the seller’s signature notarized attesting to the sale price. Without this form notarized, buyers wukk pay usage tax on the NADA Book Value of the vehicle, no matter the condition.
  • The TC 96-182 is also the form were the Sherriff’s office will fill out the inspection of the VIN and mileage of any vehicle titled out of state.
  • Buyer will produce proof of Kentucky insurance at the time of transfer of any vehicle that will be operated on Kentucky Highways.
  • Current plates must be turned in if buyer has not secired poper Kentucky insurance for vehicle at the time of transfer.
  • Some states do not title Boats. The current registration, as well as a notarized bill of sale is required in such instances.
  • Each title transfer has different requirements, please contact the County Clerk’s office for requirements, taxe information or any other specific issues that may come up in the transferring of a title.

Delinquent Tax Sale

  • The date of the Delinquent tax sale on prperty each year is decided by the Department of Revenue and the County Clerk. The date will be update once approved by the state.
  • The Delinquent taxe sale is held in the deeds and records room of the Caldwell County Clerk’s office each year.
  • This is located in the basement of the Courthouse in roome #12.
  • Third party purchasers of delinquent tax bills are required to register with the state if:
    • You plan to purchase more than three certificates of delinquency in a county.
    • You plan to purchase more than 5 certificates of delinquency statewide
    • You plan to invest more than $10,000.00 in certificates of delinquency.

To learn more about this process and register as a third party buyer please visit the Kentucky department of revenue’s website Here.


Contact Information

Phone: (270) 365 – 6754
Fax: (270) 365 – 7447
Email: [email protected]
Caldwell County Clerks Office
100 east market st rm #23
Princeton, KY 42445

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