Motor Vehicles

Do you need title information, a new vehicle registration or information on vehicle taxes? Look no further!

Motor Vehicles Forms

Online Renewals

A secure link is provided to to renew vehicle licenses provided there are not delinquent tax or insureance issues. If such issuses should occur, cutomers need to contact the Clerk’s office to solve them. 

After request is processed by the state, information will be forwarded to the Clerk’s office. Requests will be processed and mailed out to customers the following business day. 

Renewals may also be processed by contacting the Clerk’s office and using a credit card over the phoen, or by mailing in renewal requests. Make sure to include a phone number so the office can contact you if any problems arise. A charge of $2.00 for postage is required on all renewals, $5.00 if a plate is mailed.  

51A280 – Out of State Purchase – Use Tax Form (For trailers and boats only)

62F031 – Appeal to Local Board of Assessment Appeals

71A101 – Motor Vehicle Usage Tax Multi-Purpose Form

72A007 Affidavit of Non-Highway Use

Kentucky Voter Registration Card

TC96-16A – Request for Motor Vehicle or Boat Record

TC96-167 – Replacement / Non-Exchange Affidavit

TC96-182 – Application for Kentucky Certificate of Title/Registration

TC96-184 – Motor Boat Transaction Record Application for Title/Registration

TC 96-347– Application for Disabled Placards

TC96-215 – Affidavit of Motor Vehicle Assembled from Wrecked or Salvage Vehicles

TC96-322 – Affidavit of Mileage Correction

BUYER BEWARE! – TITLE AND SERIAL NUMBER CHECK Before purchasing any motor vehicle, make certain that the current owner can provide a valid title for the vehicle. Be sure to verify that the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) matches the number reflected on the title. This number is typically located on the dashboard on the driver’s side and is usually visible through the windshield. If these numbers do not match, insist that the discrepancy be corrected or do not complete the transaction.

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