Delinquent Taxes

Taxes Sales Date is August 8, 2023

Held in Deeds and Records room located in the basement of the courthouse in room #12.

Accepted forms of payment included: Certified checks and Cash.

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Delinquent Taxes Information

What forms of payment are accepted?

Payment shall be made by certified check or cash.

How many people from my company can participate in the tax sales?

We are accepting only one representative per company to participate in the tax sale.

How does the sale process work?

The annual sale will be a lottery, serpentine style, with rounds as follows:
Rounds 1-2: 1 Bill
Rounds 3-4: 5 Bills
Rounds 5 and above: Up to 10 Bills

What are the procedures for delinquent tax sales?

KRS 134.128 provides that any certificate of delinquency involved in bankruptcy litigation in which the county attorney or department has filed a claim shall be prohibited from being sold by the county clerk. However, since local officials are often not informed timely of these filings, third party purchasers should be encouraged to do their own research before purchasing certificates of delinquency at a tax sale. A subscription service know as “PACER” can be utilized by third party purchasers to get up to date information about bankruptcy filings. Third party purchasers can obtain more information about this service by visiting

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